What is Caring Cooks Academy ?

Caring Cooks Academy brings co-workers together for a hands-on cooking lesson and ends with the donation of a complete, catered meal, prepared by your team to a charity of your choice.

How does Caring Cooks Academy work ?

The group is divided into teams that attend "mini sessions" at stations in the actual working kitchen of the restaurant. The classes are lead by Gennaro's Restaurant staff and students learn how to prepare the chosen dishes, using the same cooking techniques and recipes practiced at the restaurant.

The teams move through each station, learning everything from making homemade rolls, to the preparation of old time Italian favorites. When every team has completed each station, the meal will be ready for donation for the chosen charity.

The Caring Cooks have the option of personally delivering their culinary creations to the charity of their choice, or Gennaro's Restaurant will deliver the donation on the Cooks' behalf.

What makes Caring Cooks Academy Unique?

The nature of this program distinguishes it from many traditional team building programs. Caring Cooks are exposed to the fundamentals of "team building" and are challenged with creating a full catered meal. In addition to learning how to prepare a wide variety of classic Italian meals, Caring Cooks act as volunteers to a chosen non-profit organization.

They are exclusively responsible for preparing a much needed meal for our less fortunate community members. The kitchen is a wonderful forum to break co-workers from traditional team building exercises, all while giving back to our community.

Ultimately, participants are much more connected to each other, what they are doing and whom they are doing it for.

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